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Line Producing

To us, films are about more than dollars and cents. They're about telling entertaining and uplifting stories. Making people think, laugh, cry, and wonder. The line producer serves this vision.

Chaotic Sequence, Inc. offers a variety of line producing/production management services.

Budgeting: We will break down, schedule, and budget film and television projects. We'll also identify script issues that affect the budget and/or schedule. Rates are flexible depending on the project, turnaround time and total budget.

Line Producing/Production Management: We can also work as line producers or production managers on your project. We can help you find crew or work with your existing team, set up the vendors, assist in finding locations... whatever needs to "happen" to make your project take off in an organized way.

Producers For Hire: We can act as producers-for-hire. In addition to line producing, we can set up the corporate structure, find office space, assist in casting, and work out your post pathway.

Whatever your budget or level of experience, we can help.

Selected Credits (UPM or Line Producer)

Helena From The Wedding
Directed by Joe Infantolino, produced by Alexa Fogel and Brendan Mason. SXSW 2010.
Official Site

Adventures of Power
Directed by Ari Gold, produced by Andrea Sperling (New York Unit only). Sundance 2008.
Official Site

The Magnificent Cooly-T
Directed by Stephen Leeds, produced by Pegah Easton.
Official Site

The Toe Tactic
Directed by Emily Hubley, produced by Orchard Pictures and Gigantic Features. SXSW 2008.
Official Site

Goodbye Baby
Directed by Daniel Schechter, produced by Tim Duff and Gigantic Features. Slamdance, Cinequest, Avignon, Nantucket (Best Screenplay).
Official Site

Racing Daylight
Directed by Nicole Quinn, produced by Sophia Raab-Downs. Starring Melissa Leo, David Strathairn, and Giancarlo Esposito. Distributed by Vanguard.
Official Site

Directed by Burke Heffner, produced by Media At Large. New York International Independent Film Festival 2009 (Best Feature Film).
Official Site

Directed and produced by Amos Kollek. Recently completed.

Windows (also post supervisor)
Directed by Shoja Azari. Tribeca Film Festival, Rome.
Official Site

Rock The Paint (also post supervisor)
Directed by Phil Bertelsen, produced by Dallas Brennan. Tribeca Film Festival. Distributed by HP Releasing.
Official Site

Company K
Directed and produced by Robert Clem.

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