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Found In Time Available on Vimeo On Demand

Found In Time is now available to rent or own on Vimeo on Demand! Includes all 8 of our behind-the-scenes episodes, with interviews with the cast, crew and director of the film.

7 Reasons to Stop Working on That Script Now on Pro Video Coalition

Pro Video Coalition has published Arthur Vincie's latest article, on when it's time to put down that passion project, and get some perspective.

New Project: The Spectral City

Chaotic Sequence is gearing up for its new project, a nine-part war/supernatural mini-series, The Spectral City. Three civilians fleeing a present-day civil war, pursued by rebels, soldiers, bandits, gods, zombies, and slavers, head for the one place no one will dare follow - the Haunted City at the heart of the country. Head over to to get more information. We will be attending AFM this year with thsi project, so stay tuned!.

Found In Time Wins Best Sci-Fi Feature at Intendence Film Festival and Phoenix Comic-Con

Found In Time won its fourth, fifth and sixth award this summer - first at Phoenix Comic-Con in May (Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy), and two awards at Intendence: Best Sci-Fi Feature, and the Audience Award for Best Sci-Fi. Thank you very much to the staff and fans at these festivals!

Found In Time Wins Best Feature at Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Award

We just won the Best Feature Film award at the Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival! Thank you to the staff, fans, fellow filmmakers, cast, crew, friends, loved ones, and supporters!

New Article Up on Pro Video Coalition

Arthur Vincie just wrote an article on The Nuts and Bolts of Crew Prep. The crew doesn't just show up on the first day of shooting!

New Blog Entry Up: The Overhyped and Underrated

In the latest Found In Time blog entry, we take a quick look at the best festival films, and most underrated and overhyped movies, we saw in 2013..

Preparing For Takeoff Reviewed

Pro Video Coalition, a really great site featuring film/video-related news, reviews, and events, has just posted a a review of Preparing For Takeoff! It's a great way to start off the new year. Check out their site.

Found In Time Out in August

Found In Time will be out in August, courtesy of our distributor Green Apple Entertainment! Head over to the official Found In Time website for details on the deal, and to read about some lessons we learned along the road to distribution. Thanks go out to Glen Reynolds (Circus Road, our rep), Bob Seigel (our attorney), Green Apple, and all the folks who believed in and helped out along the way.

Preparing For Takeoff Available Now

Preparing For Takeoff CoverArthur Vincie's new nonfiction book on preproduction, Preparing For Takeoff, is out now from Focal Press! Already in use at several film schools. Pick up a copy on Amazon today, and also check out the official website for free budget templates, forms, and blog updates.

Found In Time is on Facebook!

Facebook Fan Page for Found In Time

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